Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc.
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BCD Employees Obtain P.E. Licenses

25th Anniversary Press Release

BCD receives ACEC Awards in MS and TN

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Construction Monitoring

Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc., provides reliable field monitoring and   testing for earthwork, foundations, landfills, building construction, concrete   placement and asphalt pavement construction. The firm also provides engineering   consultation to contractors and owners during design and construction for   earthwork, pile driving, drilled piers, concrete placement, asphalt pavement   construction, rehabilitation of structures and pavements, forensic   investigations and other geotechnical related issues.

All of the field technicians have been trained and certified to conduct   earthwork, concrete and asphalt field testing.  The field staff, managed by Doug James, has one to 29 years of construction and   testing experience on federal, state, municipal and commercial projects.

Typical Construction Monitoring and Field Testing   Projects/Services

  • Earthwork
  • Landfill QC/QA
  • Lagoons
  • Levees and channels
  • Flood control structures
  • Drilled pier construction
  • Installation of driven piles
  • Installation of auger-cast piles
  • Pile load tests
  • Vertical concrete placement

  • Horizontal concrete placement
  • Asphalt pavement construction
  • Nuclear density testing
  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Concrete and asphalt coring
  • Dipstick concrete slab evaluation
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)  testing
  • Asphalt concrete testing
  • Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)